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  • LED indoor display how break out of an encirclement?

    Familiar with commercial display industry friends all know, LED display with high brightness, low power consumption, long life and other characteristics become outdoor display field king. In recent years, along with the LED display pixel size continues to shrink, the exquisite degree of quality continuous improvement, its application has been extended, so as to display field launched impact to the indoor screen.

  • Where LED outdoor lighting charm?

    The global advocate low carbon life, energy efficiency and carbon reduction of LED lighting as the era of "pet". According to Guzhen lighting wholesale price index shows that the benefit from the construction of government project procurement, LED street lamp to large-scale promotion and other favorable factors, outdoor lighting series index in the near future overall have continued to rise trend, greatly stimulated the LED outdoor lighting market

  • LED widely used special lighting money infinite

    In general, whether it is from the promotion of modern agricultural development point of view, or the realization of energy saving and environmental protection point of view, the application of LED in agriculture has a very important significance, and the status and development needs of agriculture also provides opportunities for LED.

  • Analysis of the 2014 LED home lighting development status and future trends

    With the national energy saving policy, LED lighting gradually flying into the homes of ordinary people, the traditional lighting can not meet the increasingly intelligent modern life, so more and more enterprises into the home lighting market terminal

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