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Underground Mining LED Strip Solutions

Release time:2021/8/12 17:02:59

Underground Mining LED Strip Solutions

Underground Mining LED Strip Solutions

As we know, the led strip lights underground lighting system is changing the face of underground mining and setting new unsurpassed standards in its class.

Newstar LED Strip Lighting is designed and developed to provide permanent lighting solutions for the Underground Mining and Tunneling environments, other applications include Surface Mining Operations, Open Cut Mining, Commercial and other domestic and industrial installations.

Newstar LED Strip Lighting for Underground Mining is a Safe, Durable, and Robust product. It can work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

The light source in underground mines is manufactured with a high-lumen LED with a long lifespan, high efficiency, and a superior spectrum performance.

LED tape lighting for mining tunnels is also designed for harsh mining environments and is energy efficient, ultra-flexible, fire retardant, corrosion-resistant, impact and shock-resistant, and suitable for high humidity environments. 

LED strip for mining tunnels is also running a long length of 50m or 100m per roll with AC110V or AC220V input directly.

Newstar LED strip lighting products to help ensure a safe working environment by providing full floor-to-ceiling lighting in locations that are usually difficult to reach. It greatly reduced preventable incidents.

Insufficient light will seriously affect people’s ability to identify hazards. No matter what kind of environment the customer works in, we are committed to eliminating this risk for our customers.

Our product series are designed to deal with harsh environments, whether they are in a high-temperature environment or exposed to humid or explosive environments.


1. IP68 Solid Waterproof 2. Dust and Gases resistance 3. Flame-retardant 4. Anti-static resistance 5. Durable 6. Running long length of 50m and 100m per roll, 10m, 20m… short lengths are also available 7. Warranty: 5 years



Product Features:

This is a revolutionary product with the patented technology, Product Features as below:

1. With the built-in bridge rectifier design, each segment can work individually. The Rectifier bridge is dispersed to each segment to ensure strips with lower temperature, higher reliability, and stronger anti-surge capability.

2. Each segment with built-in high voltage constant current IC to ensure every led still can receive constant current under the ripple voltage, meanwhile, LEDs we used are rated 0.5W per pc, but we reduce the current to 0.16/pc in the process of practical application. these highly ensure the long lifespan of LEDs, but luminous efficiency still can reach 120lm/W. Besides, our such strips have 5 years warranty.

3. The cutting segment of the traditional high voltage strip is 1 M, but the minimum cutting segment of our patent series is 250mm which satisfies most of the usage requirements of the shorter cutting segment.

4. Higher safety performance, all of our such series of products be made by extrusion technology with food-grade silicone, no yellowing, no cracking, protection grade up to IP68.

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