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SK6822 RGB Compare with WS2813 RGB

Release time:2018/4/11 11:41:57

As we know SK6822 RGB LED and WS2813 RGB LED are both dual signal RGB LED with driver IC inside the smd leds. And they have the same function, If any one pixel LED is broken when using, this problem will not effect others working. But, you should have doubts that how i know which one is most suitable for different project?

1> Recognize them from picture looks, actually you can see the difference.

the SK6822 RGB PIXEL LED only have IC driver inside the 5050SMD,  however WS2813 Pixel RGB LED Have IC driver and Resistors, capacitors Inside the 5050SMD LED. It means that there will no need to use any resistor for WS2813 RGB Pixel LED Strips. But for SK6822 Pixel RGB LED Strips , the resistor is needed.

2>SK6822's good pixe LED is that it pass signals even if one chip is dead. And broken pixel LED is that it goes blue if there is no signal. but WS2813's good pixel LED is that it pass signals even if one chip is dead and it doesn't goes blue if there is no signal.

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