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APA107 NS107S LEDs application for MIDI Router Control Center

Release time:2021/2/24 15:38:23

The MRCC - MIDI Router Control Center is a super deluxe MIDI Router designed for studios with lots of MIDI gear! Easily and quickly configure routing right on the MRCC using real buttons! Just like in the golden age of MIDI, no PC required! RGB APA107 LEDs are color coded to function. Make more advanced configuration settings using the color OLED display. Set filters, channel mapping, add an arpeggiator, and access MIDI diagnostics features. Save and recall your settings for various performances with on-board flash storage.
Besides lots of traditional MIDI ports, MRCC has 3.5MM TRS ports (in both A and B flavors) and 4 USB host ports for USB MIDI class compliant devices. Connect MRCC to your PC for 12 USB virtual MIDI ins and outs. All routable from the front panel.
MRCC is housed in an anodized aluminum enclosure. It comes with desktop end-caps. 2U Rackmount end-caps are available.

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