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DC24V SK6812 RGB+W LED Strip


  • SK6812 RGB Pixel Digital LED Strip Lights,
    1, Top SMD internal integrated high quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC;
    2, Control circuit and the chip in SMD 5050 components, to form a complete control of pixel, color mixing uniformity and consistency;
    3, Built-in data shaping circuit;
    4, Gray level adjusting circuit (256 level gray scale adjustable);
    5, Using a typical data transmission frequency of 800 Kbps, when the refresh rate of 30 frames per second;
    6, The transmission distance between two points over 10M;
    7, 5 meter per roll,Cut-able of each single LED/Pixel;


    120LEDs/m DC24V SK6812 RGBW Pixel Digital LED Strip Lights Parameters

    Model No.: NSS-6812S120RGBW-24V,   LED Q’ty: 120LEDs/m,  Pixels: 10pixels/m ,  Gray Scale:256
    Power/m: 24W,    Input voltage: DC24V,    Max current/LED: 60Ma,     Warranty: 3years,
    Illumination Angle: 120° ,   Working temperature: -20℃~+45℃,  Working hour: 30000h
    Energy grade: A,    CRI(Ra): >80Ra/90,  PCB: White
    Minim cuttable length: 50mm one group,  PCB Width: 10mm
    One group is 6pcs 5050 RGB (1pcs SK6812 RGB LEDs+5pcs normal RGB LEDs) + 6pcs 2835 white LED, SK6812 is the 5050 with built-in IC chipset, it has the similar datasheet with ws2812b, but lower voltage.

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