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DC5V One LED per cut RGBW LED Strips

One LED per cut

  • :::Electrical Parameter::: 
    LED QTY: 60LED/M
    Color/CCT:  RGBW
    White CCT: 2200K 2500K 2700K 3000K 3500K 4000K 5000K 5500K 6000K
    Bin/Step:  3 Step MacAdamEllipse, 1bin only
    Chip:  EPISTAR
    CRI:  Ra+80
    Luminous flux:  3000MCD
    Max power:  22W/M
    Voltage:  DC5V Input
    Current:  0.92 A/M
    Cut length:  1 LED/16.67mm
    PCB Width:  12mm/3oz/ WHT
    Connection:  5*20AWG / R'-'/G'-'/B'-'/W'-'/ BLK'+'
    Packing:  Carton box
    Installation:  55280 3M tape
    Max run length:  5meters
    Lifespan & warranty:  50,000Hrs /5years
    Dimmable:  Yes
    Beam Angle:  120°
    Certificate:  CE, RoHS, UL

    1. Length per roll: 5m/ 16.4ft;
    2. each LEDs Cuttable
    3. Connection possible at the reel end or at the marked cut points;
    4. Available CCT: (3 Step MacAdamEllipse, 1bin only)
       *+/-50K or +/-75K CCT range for Warm White and Nature White;
       *+/-100K or +/-150K for Cool White;
    5. CRI>80+RA / 85+RA/ 90+RA/ 95+RA for excellent efficiency and color consistence;
    6. Epistar brand LEDs;
    7. Advanced thermal control and low heat generation, 2-5Oz double sided thick copper PCB;
    8. Gold bonding wire, copper lead frame;
    9. UL Listed Cables: 18/20 AWG;
    10. Various IP Ratings available for any indoor or outdoor lighting;
    11. Easy and flexible installation with 3M adhesive backing: 55280 3M Tape or VHB 5952 3M permanent bonding adhesive tape;
    12. Aluminum profiles, power supplies, controller and other accessories available;
    13. Dimmable;
    14. UL, RoHS, CE, FCC listed.




    Energy efficent and eco-friendly;
    Perfect for various indoor & outdoor tape light and linear lighting projects;
    Incredible bright and comfortable visual experience;
    Easy of installation;
    More than 50,000 hours rated life;
    5 years life-time warranty.

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