WS2815 compare with CS8812 (GS8208) LED Strip

Publish: 2017-07-25  Views: 2484

We are testing WS2815 and CS8812 (GS8208) LED strips.

Here is the comparison:

color much more linear on CS8812 thanks to gamma correction implemented in the chip

colour order is not the same between WS2815 and CS8812

CS8812 have internal program. When not data is received, a demo mode automatically starts

both have same current behaviour: the current is determined by the maxiumum value of any colour. Example: with R50%, B75%, G50%, current is same as R0%; B75%; G0%

both have about the same power consumption: about 8W for 60 LEDs

And attached some measurements for 60 LEDs of each (1m of LED strip).