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APA102 RGB Pixel LED Chip 5050

AAPA102 RGB Pixel LED chip is a type ic for the three-color RGB Diming control strip and string ,This ic using the CMOS process to provide three-color RGB LED output driver to adjust the output with 256 gray scale and 32 brightness adjustment,APA with 2 signal output way , one is clock ,another is data, the clock and data is synchronizated ,so that the crystal cascade piece of output movement is sychronizated.

  • APA102 Pixel LED Chip
    1, Product Description
     APA102 (APA102IC Built  in SMD5050 RGB)
     Dimensions: 5mm x 5mm x 1.4mm
     Voltage: 5.0V
     Current 20ma per color, 60mA total at full brigtness
     Viewing angle: 120 degree.
     APA102 for the three-color RGB LED dimming control string Then IC, using the CMOS process,
     providing three-color RGB LED output driver to adjust the pouput with 256 gray-scale and
     32 brightness adjustment APA102 with two-output way,the CLK signal by synchronizatioAPA102 LED CHIP ,
     so that the crystal cascadePiece of output movements synchronized.

    2, Features
     CMOS process, low coltage, low power consumption
     Synchronous of two-lane
     Choose postive output or negative output RGB tri-color LED out, 8 Bit(256level) color Set, 5Bit (32 level) brightness adjustment
     Built-20mA constant current output
     With self-detection signal
     Built-in support for continuous oscillation PWM output can be maintained Static Screen


    If you want to know more details, please ask us the data sheet.

  • APA102 Pixel LED chip applications:
    Widely used for home decoration use, hotels, clubs, shopping malls
    Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting
    Extensively applied in Backlighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting
    Emergency & security lighting, advertisement sign lighting
    Decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition
    Applicable for automobile and bicycle decoration, border or contour lighting
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