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604leds CCT adjustable COB Flex led strip

Model Number: NSS-COB-604CCT
Warranty: 5 Years
Certificate: CE RoHS ERP
Supplier Ability: 500000m/month

  • CCT Adjustable Flex COB LED Strip is warm white and pure white integrated, which can be 2700-6500k adjustable. Our COB Dual White LED Strip is 604leds/m, 304leds 3000k and 304leds 6000k. The COB LED Strip stands out for illuminating uniformly, without visualizing the cuts or the LED diodes, which is the best choice for linear lighting. 

    CCT Tunable COB LED Strip spec: 

    LEDs per Meter: 604pcs (304leds 2700k+304leds 6500k)

    Voltage: DC24V

    Watt: 12+12W/M

    Led type: COB LED

    CRI: >90Ra

    PCB Width: 10mm

    PCB Thickness: 2Oz

    Led lighting angle: 180°

    IP Grade: IP20, IP65/IP67 with Extrusion Silicone tube or shrinkable sleeve, IP68 with Silicone tube and glue.

    Color: 2800-6500K Adjustable

    Lumen: 1080lm+1248lm/m(±10% )

    Warranty: 5 Years

    Certificate: CE RoHS ERP

    Dual White COB LED Strip Advantage: 

    1. Comparing to normal SMD LED Strip, COB LED Strips with a bigger lighting angle 180°

    2. Uniform color with better lighting effect

    3. No dot or dark area, the best choice for linear lighting

    4. CRI>90Ra, closer to natural light

    5. 2Oz double layer PCB to ensure the good heat dissipation

    6. 5 Years warranty to ensure you the professional after-service

    2800-6200K Adjustable COB LED Strip 

  • two white cct adjustable flex cob led strip application

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