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COB Strip connectors White CCT RGB RGBW

COB LED Strip connectors
2P 3P 4P

    • High quality COB led strip connectors, high density led strip.
    • Solderless transparent led connector.
    • Seamless connection, continuous light.
    • 100% transparent, no shade,  keeping original color temperature.
    • For 5mm, 8mm, 10mm 12mm White RGB CCT RGBW RGBWW COB Strips and high density led strips.
    Item No.     Application    Description     MOQ/Package  
    NSCOBAC01 Strip-To-Strip · Transparent PC connector for high density(240led strip) and COB strip
    · 2 Pin, 6mm, IP20
    · Strip to strip without soldering
    · 0-36V, 5A
    100 pcs/bag
         Solderless transparent LED connector 
                                                                                            good partner to work with cob led strips

    • Solderless
    • Cob and high density  strips compatible

    • Seamless connection, continuous light
    • 100% transparent, no shade, keeping original color temperature
    Full series connectors

    5mm, 8mm, 10mm cob and high density led strips.

    Transparent connector for single color cob strip PCB to PCB



    Strip to strip - cut the strip with size you want

    Strip to power - solderless, convenient and fast connection

    L shape connector - conner connection

    How to use the connectors

    This product is disposable, which could not be opened and reused.

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