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Measurement of the LED lamp bulb temperature.

Release time:2014/8/13 12:24:01

LED lamp strip made of PU foam shaped bulbs, without lens can realize light source 360 degree angle, makes a return to the traditional incandescent lamp feeling.

The junction temperature of the LED lamp strip working condition is the main factor affecting the performance indexes, but also seriously affect the key factor of LED decay and lifetime, these parameters are indicator lighting quality extremely important for general lighting, the lighting industry consensus has been reached in the.
The LED lamp strip filled with mixed gas sealed in the glass bulb, only the positive and negative two guide wires lead sealing glass envelope and driving power supply is connected, with what method to test the LED lamp strip lamp junction temperature? Measurement commonly used have pin temperature measurement method, infrared imaging method, voltage method. Apparently tube footwork because unable to thermocouple bonded to the sealed glass bulb LED lamps instead of temperature; infrared imaging method cannot penetrate the glass shell to detect LED lamp strip surface temperature can not be used; while the voltage law can solve the problem of test.
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