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Color control LED lamp to reach?

Release time:2014/8/13 12:26:06

Due to the further development of LED technology, control has become more and more complex. Fortunately, some modern control system in a very simple way to drive any type of color system. In addition to strength, users will be the color of different parameters: RGB, CMY. HSL and HSV.

About LED color mixing
The human eye can detect 390 nm-700 nm wavelength of light. LED lamp originally only use red (about 630 nm), green (about 540 nm) and blue (470 nm) LED. These 3 kinds of color can not be mixed with every color of the human eye can see. Figure L is a regional RGB model is proposed on the assumption that the entire visible spectrum based.
The 3 vertices of the triangle of red, green and blue respectively fall in areas of high saturation. Through the power change each from the LED chip, can be any color in the color gamut, but this is only theoretical, in fact, color mixing effect is affected by many factors. Such as red, green and blue wavelengths for exact lamp vary, there may be a vast difference between them.
Color gamut can not only describe the tone, but also describe the strength and degree of saturation. If the rapid search "color gamut by Google" (color), you will see a circle, circle, cubes, cones, and even fruit shape, three-dimensional relationship of all these graphics are trying to show HSL.
Add more colors
Along with the technological innovation, LED dropped in price changes, more and more manufacturers to enter the market. Lighting designer for the new source of look forward to is more and more strong, the brightness and color lamps control consistency demands increase. White, amber, blue and violet color appearance of new LED. At first, combination of the most popular is the RGBA, with amber chip. This makes the color gamut shape more like rectangle, triangle and non.
Another variant is RGBW, with a wide spectrum of white LED. The lamp more new added white and amber on the basis of RGB (RGBAW).
With the development of LED technology, chip manufacturer also successfully produced a deep red, green and blue LED. These colours have been applied to 7 color system (deep red, red, amber, green, cyan, blue and blue), thus widening the color gamut, can provide more color for designer.
So much control chip can be very laborious; multiple combinations of power per chip can achieve the same color in the color space.
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